Company ISOMED was created in 1997. with the objective to produce and market Titanium implants and high technology dental components.

Since 1997. company Isomed had worked and researched continuously, and as a result, created and launched many different types of dental implants. Depending on your needs and budget, you can get whatever suits you best.

As this is an Italian brand of implants,  it’s only natural Italians use Isomed implants when having their dental work done. Isomed had spread during their two-decades-long existence and the company doesn’t seem to shy away from spending a considerate amount of money on their marketing budget. As a result, you get this craze in Italy – which made some of our Serbian dentists pay attention.

If you’d read any of our previous blogs, you may already know the price difference of not only dental work but living expenses between Serbia and most other countries (not only in Europe but the rest of the world, too.) is quite huge. For example, in our previous blogs, we explained how to travel, get your dental procedure done and save money. We also compared the prices for some of the most frequently asked for dental procedures like all-on-4 dental implants. In this blog, we made a price comparison pic for Isomed’s dental implants in Italy and Serbia.

ISOMED dental implants are all the rage in Italy - here’s why and why you should choose to get it in Serbia 1

Some of our dental offices even have a partnership with some of the dental offices in Rome, Padua, Cosenza, Genoa, Brindisi, Messina, and Catania. What this means is you don’t have to fly back to Belgrade to check on your progress, you can have it checked in whatever city suits you best. In case you need to check on your progress at all (this is usually needed only if you had some big dental procedure).

But, hey – you don’t have to take this blog’s word for it. Contact us for a free and personalized dental plan and see for yourself!