We are a portal, created to help you find the best dental care at the lowest prices in Europe. What we do is connect you with dentists who work with high-quality equipment and are on-parr with the world-class dentist clinics.

Is it free?

Yes. Using Clinic Explore is 100% free.

At the moment, we have partnered with dental clinics.

The risk that comes with exploring the internet is undeniable. You can never really know who to trust. We speak from experience since we spent months and months trying to find dental practices that we would trust.

  • All of our partner clinics are certified, most of our dentists have studied abroad and speak a few languages
  • We will always send you an offer with fixed prices, no extra charge or secret fees will await you when you come to Serbia
  • We will organize everything you need and all you have to do is get your very best smile and have fun exploring new places and people (this may include your hotel stay, plane tickets and even your very own tour guide!)

We care about your privacy. Your data is protected by law, and your medical records will never get out. We won’t share your personal information with clinics, but if you accept the offer and get in touch with our doctors, you’ll be protected with doctor-patient confidentiality.

The short answer, yes. The long answer is that not only are our partner clinics safe and have a long history of successful procedures, but we made sure you get certifications of all the work you had done. This means that in case you decide to take care of your teeth somewhere else next time you need it, you’ll have a document to show your dentists what has been done.

The process is simple.

  1. Send us your inquiry (you can add a panoramic X-ray too if you’d like) to office@clinicexplore.com (or call us/text us through WhatsApp or Viber at any time)
  2. You'll get 3 offers from 3 different dental clinics in Belgrade
  3. You choose the offer you think is best for you
  4. We connect you to your chosen clinic
  5. You get the best smile and an amazing experience in a new country - while saving money!

Is it free?

Yes. All the offers you’ll receive are not only completely free but are also created especially for you.

Of course not! The very idea of this portal is to help you and connect you with people that will arrange the whole experience for you. Our clinics can do it all. They will help you buy the cheapest plane tickets, find you the best hotels and even create tours for you if needed. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at office@clinicexplore.com