Dental implants Abroad

Dental Implants abroad $$$ vs.
Dental Implants in Serbia $

Dental work is expensive. In the past years,
prices for dental services in the UK have been on a continuous rise,
with 2019. seeing a 5% increase in costs for dental work.

Implants Clinic Explore

Dentists often blame the height of the cost on people’s lack
of care, but Serbia is proof you can get dental implants made with
high-quality materials and done by world-renowned professionals,
travel back and forth, and still save money.

What to Know about Dental Implants Abroad

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The benefits of Having Dental Implants Done Abroad

It pays off. You get to visit a different country,
see and experience something new, get your teeth done expertly,
and still end up saving money.

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a metal post, usually made out of titanium,
that is surgically inserted into the jaw below the gums and that functions
as an artificial tooth root.

A crown (replacement tooth) is then placed on the implant, and the
result is a tooth that is identical to your real teeth. You can get 1 dental
implant, or have your whole jaw done, depending on your needs.

4 Step Smile Transformation Process in Serbia



If your procedure is advanced and over XX amount/ a bit more costly your stay at a luxury hotel near the clinic and the city center.



We’ll also cover your plane ticket, and have someone wait for you at the airport.

Also, someone who’ll drive you back.


Express dental treatment done by experts

Quick, yet high-quality, expert work on your teeth. Whether you want a single dental implant, All on 4, or a Hollywood smile, Clinic Explore will help you find the most affordable price in Serbia.


Sightseeing tours

Serbia is a wonderful country with many things to visit and see. You can explore Belgrade by yourself, or let us organize a sightseeing tour for you!

Dental Implants Abroad Costs

Prices vary considerably depending on the country.
In Italy, prices, depending on the material / manufacturer,
range from 1200 €

In Germany, depending on the material / manufacturer,
they start from 1800 €

In the UK, depending on the material / manufacturer,
they start at € 1,900

In Serbia, depending on the material / manufacturer,
they start from 390 €

Huge difference, isn’t it?
That’s why it’s important to inform yourself on how to get the
cheapest dental implants. But cheap dental implants in Serbia
don’t mean low quality.

The quality of dental implants here follows the world’s standard.
The same goes for our dental specialists. The only difference is life
here is cheaper, and so are the implants and dental care.

Compare the prices for dental implants here.

Dental Implants Packages in Serbia

Depending on your needs,
we offer different types of packages to our clients

Why are Dental Implants Cheaper in Serbia
compared to Other European Countries?

The truth is, most things are cheaper in Serbia than in other countries.
The average monthly earnings are lower and the prices have to follow.

That doesn’t mean that the quality of implants is worse, or that our
dentists are less professional. That only means that if you want to get the cheapest
dental implants, you don’t need to look any further.

Other typical costs involved with dental implants abroad

Total costs (how cheap is accommodation, plane ticket, food).

In most cases, a big part of your stay in Serbia will be covered by Clinic Explore’s partner clinics. But if, for whatever
reason, you want to pay for those things yourself, here’s a quick overview of prices:


Depending on where your starting country is, plane tickets to Serbia go from 150$ to 1000$ for a return trip. The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is well connected with most bigger cities in Europe.


If you want to experience Serbian traditional fast food, you can eat at street vendors for as little as 2$! And eating at most restaurants will not cost you more than 15$ per person. Of course, if you don’t feel like experimenting, there are famous fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, and others.


You can find cheap accommodation in hostels starting from 10$ a night, or choose some of the luxury air BnB apartments starting from 20$ or pick any of the world-famous hotels starting at 50$ per night.

Is Having Teeth Implants Abroad Worth It?

Short answer? Yes.

The cost of dental care in most countries is rising, yet the quality of work stays the same. If dental procedures in your country are expensive now, can you imagine how expensive they’ll be in a few years? Long waiting lists and long waiting hours are also something no one enjoys, yet something that seems less and less avoidable. But not here.

Why not plan the procedure exactly when it works best for you? Your chosen dentist will always be available to you and will help you with all you need: travel, accommodation, information. You get to travel to a beautiful country, not yet overrun by tourists. You get a dazzling smile, done with care and expertise. All that (and more) for a fraction of the cost of the procedure in your home country. You tell us if that sounds like it’s worth it or not.

How long does the dental implant treatment take

How Long Does
the Dental Implant Treatment Take?

Depending on the severity of the procedure (ie the number of implants), our dentists perform
their operations under local or full anesthesia, with prescriptions for antibiotics that should help the
whole process go as fast as possible, with as little pain as possible.

The process of getting a dental implant is quick and simple. Before the procedure, based on a scan
of your jaw, our dental clinics will make your individual plan. The implant placement procedure itself
does not take long, and the first phase of implant placement is usually completed in 3 days or less.

After 3 months, the dental implant will grow together with your jawbone. When that happens,
you come to the clinic again, where they will post the upgrade and the crown on the implant.
The second phase usually lasts up to 10 days.

Why Serbia is the Best
European Country For Dental Implants?


Accredited dentists


Low-cost dental implants


Also, explain how visiting
Serbia is a great experience.


Safe destination


60% savings on average • Prompt appointment • Express process to your new smile
Top expertise • Latest technology • Experienced implantologists
Exclusive care • Great Customer Feedback • Unforgettable Experience
Enjoy tourism in one of the best cities of Europe

Satisfaction Guarantee

Best quality dental implants in Europe

Our dental clinics provide top service and quality at a price that is lower by up to 70%
compared to other countries in Europe! We had a strict selection process when choosing
dental implant centers we’d cooperate with. Doctors who work in our dental clinics are
specialists with extensive experience, professionals who never stop educating themselves in
order to keep up with all the trends and novelties in the world of dental care.

We guarantee...

A LIFETIME WARRANTY + An Implant passport

Our dentists work with the world's best implant manufacturers,
and upon completion of the procedure, you’ll receive an implant passport,
as well as a lifetime warranty.


Pre i posle
Pre i posle
Pre i posle

Fast response, I was very happy with the way things are organized with Clinic Explore. They are quick to reply and the clinic they proposed seems very professional. They sent me a customized plan for my dental problem (I don’t feel like disclosing what it is), and are very responsive to all my questions. So far, very good!

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Claude Maurice

As a mom of 3, I barely have time for myself. I let myself go a bit, and the teeth are what took the biggest toll. My eldest was embarrassed by me in school, and only after he told me that did I realize I must do something about it. Ever since Dr. Ivo fixed me with a brand new Hollywood smile, I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror!

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Petra Gerbert

I was convinced traveling with a kid (9) to have her alveolar ridges leveled is not going to be a great experience. What helped the most was, of course, the fact that the nurses and the doctors were so nice and careful around her that she calmed down quickly. And now I’m negotiating with Clinic Explore about my own dental procedure.

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James Larin


We are a portal, created to help you find the best dental care at the lowest prices in Europe. What we do is connect you with dentists who work with high-quality equipment and are on-parr with the world-class dentist clinics.

Is it free?

Yes. Using Clinic Explore is 100% free.

At the moment, we have partnered with dental clinics.

The risk that comes with exploring the internet is undeniable. You can never really know who to trust. We speak from experience since we spent months and months trying to find dental practices that we would trust.

  • All of our partner clinics are certified, most of our dentists have studied abroad and speak a few languages
  • We will always send you an offer with fixed prices, no extra charge or secret fees will await you when you come to Serbia
  • We will organize everything you need and all you have to do is get your very best smile and have fun exploring new places and people (this may include your hotel stay, plane tickets and even your very own tour guide!)

We care about your privacy. Your data is protected by law, and your medical records will never get out. We won’t share your personal information with clinics, but if you accept the offer and get in touch with our doctors, you’ll be protected with doctor-patient confidentiality.

The short answer, yes. The long answer is that not only are our partner clinics safe and have a long history of successful procedures, but we made sure you get certifications of all the work you had done. This means that in case you decide to take care of your teeth somewhere else next time you need it, you’ll have a document to show your dentists what has been done.

The process is simple.

  1. Send us your inquiry (you can add a panoramic X-ray too if you’d like) to (or call us/text us through WhatsApp or Viber at any time)
  2. You'll get 3 offers from 3 different dental clinics in Belgrade
  3. You choose the offer you think is best for you
  4. We connect you to your chosen clinic
  5. You get the best smile and an amazing experience in a new country - while saving money!

Is it free?

Yes. All the offers you’ll receive are not only completely free but are also created especially for you.

Of course not! The very idea of this portal is to help you and connect you with people that will arrange the whole experience for you. Our clinics can do it all. They will help you buy the cheapest plane tickets, find you the best hotels and even create tours for you if needed. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at

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