To put it plainly, dental tourism means you go to another country, do your dental procedure there, and come back to your home country after you’ve finished with the operation. Why would you do that, you may ask? It’s really simple: you save money. Lots, and lots of money.

Pros of dental tourism

  • Low prices
  • New & exciting places

The main reason people choose to have their teeth taken care of in another country is surely the fact that the prices are so much lower. Prices vary from country to country, of course, but going to some of them simply pays off. In Serbia, you can get your dental implants with a crown done at much lower prices than in other countries! And the best thing about it is that the prices are not low because they’re some low-cost no good dental clinics, but because the living standard is very different than in other European countries. Bottom line is, you get high-quality dental care for some really low prices.

But other than that, you get to experience something completely different! Travel is known to broaden your horizons, so why not do it now? Meeting new people and visiting new places will surely help to not only take the stress off of having a dental procedure but also to have some new and interesting stories to tell once you get back! The very best part of dental tourism (when done right) is that you get to travel and have your dental condition taken care of and all that while saving money.

Dental Tourism - what is it and does it really save you money? 1

We know it might sound too good to be true, but once you contact us and get your free offer, you’ll see it for yourself!

Cons of dental tourism

  • Different standards
  • Language barrier

Different countries abide by different standards. It is true that if you want to make sure you’d made the right decision in picking a specific country for your dental procedure, it’s best to first check and see if the standards are working for you.
One of the reasons we decided to write this blog post is to tell you straight away that the dentists in our partner clinics are highly efficient professionals, working with the best equipment and abiding by the highest standards. If you’re still unsure about this, feel free to contact us about any questions you’d might want answered. 

When it comes to language barriers – it’s a legitimate concern. When we decided to partner with dental practices, one of the must-have’s was multilingual dentists. And by multilingual, we don’t mean just English (though that one was also a must). Among languages our dentists speak are Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, French, German, etc. So, no need to worry: you can rest assured that you’ll be understood.

Why travel to Serbia?

  • Save more money
  • Unique people & food
  • We organize a bunch of cool stuff for you

Like we previously said, there are many countries that are developing their dental tourism. Even in Europe, you can see smaller countries fighting for their place at the top. The thing with Serbia is that everything is a lot cheaper – even when you compare it to other, smaller European countries. And when we say everything, we mean everything: the drinks, the hotels, the food, museum and cinema tickets, the cigarets and – of course – dental care.

People in Serbia are welcoming to strangers. It’s not unusual for travelers to find themselves trying various versions of Serbian traditional drink, rakia, or homemade cooked meals that could feed a small army! We like showing you the best of what we have to offer and we always try and make tourists feel like they’re in an adventure of a lifetime.

Having said that, Clinic Explore wanted to make sure you’ll experience the very best! We can organize your trip, your stay and even get you your own private and certified tour guide!


Do it.

No, we mean it.

Now that you know why the cons are not really cons with Clinic Explore, there is literally no reason for you to not at least contact us for your free offer.