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  • Accommodation near the dental office is provided

Dental practice “MEDENTA” in Belgrade has been offering dental services for 28 years and has more than 5,000 registered permanent patients. It is equipped to the highest standards. We present a combination of experience, youth, and family tradition. Owner dr. Tatjana Savić has been a member of the Chamber of Private Dentists since 1990 and a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, so aesthetic dentistry is an imperative of our office.

Dental interventions are painless, performed under local anesthesia. At the personal request of the patient, and with the help of an anesthesiologist, the intervention is possible in sedation – a semi-conscious state.

  • Free accommodation near the clinic
  • Free air transportation
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Guide and translator
  • Local number, so we can always be in touch
  • 24/7 availability

Price list
Dental ImplantsPrice
Implant AlphaBio390 €
Implant ICX390 €
Implant Zimmer600 €
Implant Straumann (Switzerland)650 €
Implant Astra (Sweden, USA)650 €
Metal-ceramic crown100 €
Metal-ceramic crown120 €
All-ceramic crowns E Max (monolithic)180 €
All-ceramic crowns Zircon (monolithic)170 €
All-ceramic crowns (specially designed)220 €
Veneers220 €
Mobile Braces250 €
Fixed braces per jaw650 €
Aesthetically fixed jaw apparatus1000 €
Cleaning, Whitening, Extractions & FillingsPrice
“White Smile” robot whitening250 €
Whitening Dental surgery150 €
Home whitening150 €
The treated tooth whitening50 €
Removal of soft deposits10 €
Watering figure10 €
Extraction of milk tooth10 €
Filling10 €
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