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  • Free consultations
  • Premium materials
  • Accommodation near the dental office is provided

Dental Clinic Dr Popović

Belgrade, Serbia

In our three decades of providing top-quality dental services, we have successfully helped thousands of satisfied clients, not only from Serbia but also from around the world. Dr. Dragoslav Popović, the founder of our practice with over 35 years of experience, wanted to build a family clinic that will take care of patients of all ages. His vision is shared and perfected by his son, Master of Science and specialist in oral surgery and implantology, Dr. Nemanja Popović, who has been successfully running the clinic for the last 10 years. At the same time, Dr. Nemanja is perfecting his expertise through constant education in the country and abroad, all in order to treat our patients the best he can.

In addition to patients from Serbia, more and more clients from all over the world use our dental services. The increase in their number is easy to explain because Belgrade is a popular tourist destination, and when you combine that with the top dental services we provide, with empathy and care for our patients, you get a winning combination! Many satisfied clients surely agree, as many of them come to Belgrade even after the treatment.

We can proudly say that our clinic and staff are the only ones in this field who can offer our clients a complete package of services, not only dental – but also all services our patients may need in all aspects of dental tourism, such as arrival, accommodation, activities in Belgrade and the region, translation services as needed, etc.

  • 3km from the city center
  • Free consultations
  • Languages: Italian, English, French
  • Free accommodation
  • Free transfer to the airport
  • 24/7 consultation
  • Wi-Fi
  • Payment options: credit cards and cash (discounted price)

Price list
Consultation & Check UpFREE
Dental Implants (SLActiv Straumann)700 €
Dental Implants (Nobel biocare)700 €
Dental Implants (Bio Horizons)450 €
Dental Implants (Sweden & Martina)350 €
All on 4 Dental ImplantsContact
All on 6 Dental ImplantsContact
External maxillary sinus floor elevation500 €
Bone Augmentation x 1200 €
Metal - Ceramic Crowns100 €
Full Ceramics Crowns200 € - 220 €
Metal - Ceramic Crowns on ImplantsContact
Non - Metal Crowns on ImplantsContact
Telescopic Crowns150 €
Metal or Fiberglas Peg for Crowns50 €
Temporary Crowns in resin20 €
Ceramic Veneers200 €
Composite VeneersContact
Inlay80 € - 100 €
Onlay100 € - 120 €
Dentures (full, partial) Acrylic250 €
Dentures (full, partial) with Metal Base350 €
Dentures (temporary)150 €
Maxilar active mobile unit300 €
Mandibular active mobile unit300 €
Monoblock350 €
Fixed maxilar unit with metal brackets650 € - 750 €
Fixed mandibular unit with metal brackets650 € - 750 €
Fixed maxilar unit with ceramic brackets900 € - 1000 €
Fixed mandibular unit with ceramic brackets900 € - 1000 €
Retention Splint200 €
Cleaning, Whitening, Extractions & FillingsPrice
Teeth Whitening - per jaw100 €
Laser Teeth Whitening - per jaw150 €
Composite Fillings20 € - 30 €
Gangrene Therapy30 €
Fissure Sealing20 €
Surgical Tooth Extraction100 €
Surgical Extraction of impacted teeth150 €
Complicated Extraction50 €
Tooth Extraction30 €
Endodontic treatment per canal25 €
Apicalectomy150 €
Cistectomy200 €
Gingivectomy - per jaw200 €
Frenectomy60 €
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